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Adding users from command line is much easier rather than going through UI. It saves lot of time for Windows admins to add users in bulk using CLI commands/script. Net user command  is the one that Windows users can use to manage user accounts, read on to know how to add users from CMD. To [...]

Do you want to delete a directory from Windows command prompt(CMD)? This post explains how to use the command rmdir to delete folders and their contents. You can also find examples for each use case of folder deletion – empty folders, non empty folders, folders with white spaced names etc. Delete folder from CMD Run [...]

We can kill a process from GUI using Task manager. If you want to do the same from command line., then taskkill is the command you are looking for. This command has got options to kill a task/process either by using the process id or by the image file name. Kill a process using image [...]

Kill Chrome from command line

Chrome is definitely the stable browser compared to other ones and it has been my default browser for several years. But of late I have seen it freezing at times and not responding to user actions. Attempting to shutdown Chrome from task bar ‘Close window’ does not help too. In those situations there’s no option [...]

Windows has multiple command line utilities that can help find the version of the Windows OS running on your computer. Below is the list of commands and the information they provide. Systeminfo command – Windows OS name, version, edition and build number WMIC command – OS name and version Ver command – OS version Find [...]

There are multiple ways to check whether a Windows computer is running 32-bit OS or of 64-bit one. Check 32 or 64 bit using WMIC You can get to know the OS architecture by running the below simple command. wmic os get OSArchitecture Example: c:\>wmic os get OSArchitecture OSArchitecture 64-bit c:\> Using program files folder: [...]

Get Windows install date

If you ever need to find when was Windows installed on your computer or laptop, then here is a Windows command Systeminfo that can help you with that. Run the below Open command prompt Run the command systeminfo | findstr /C:"Install Date" The below example shows install date on my computer C:\>systeminfo | findstr /C:"Install [...]

Of all my posts, the one that gets most number of comments is – “Javac is not recognized as internal or external command” Due to heavy incoming comments, I stopped approving them long back to avoid the page become a giant one. However there are still users who’ve been commenting that they were not able [...]

Powershell provides command Stop-Process to kill a process from command prompt. This command can take in process Id, process name etc and can kill process from CMD. Powershell command to Kill a process using name Below is an example command to kill a process using name of the application or image file. Stop-Process -Name ApplicationName [...]

If you use WMIC commands extensively, you would have come across the error – ‘Invalid alias verb’. WMIC error messages are not much self explanatory, so they don’t help in debugging what’s wrong with the command you ran. I encountered this error quite a few times, and upon careful examination I was able to identify [...]