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Run command for active directory

Learn the run command for active directory users and computers console. In this console, domain admins can manage domain users/groups and computers that are part of the domain.

Execute the command dsa.msc to open active directory console from Run window.

Active directory users and computers console

Open Active directory console from command prompt

The command dsa.msc is used to open active directory from command prompt too.
Open active directory from command line

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  • Brad B.

    I was confused since most items invoked from the CLI will behave the same as invoking from run. I was hoping that this would be a AD interface via the CLI, but sadly it’s not :-( Several other articles are useful though so keep up the good work!

    • Ken

      this article was useful too ;) it started the ADUC gui from cli, exactly what i wanted.

      if this confuses you, you are in for a treat if you wanted ldap/ad cli tools. Sorry #sarcasm

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