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PowerShell – Failed to update help for the modules

Powershell help manuals can be updated by running the command ‘Update-Help’ from Powershell command prompt. If you run this command from a normal cmd session, you would get an error as below.

PS C:\> update-help
update-help : Failed to update Help for the module(s) :
'AppBackgroundTask, AppLocker, AppvClient, Appx, AssignedAccess, BitLocker, BitsTransfer, BranchCache, CimCmdlets, ConfigCI, Defender,

This error is due to insufficient privileges for the normal cmd session. There’s a simple fix to this problem. You just need to open elevated administrator command prompt and open powershell and then run ‘update-help’ command.

See below a successful run of ‘Update-help’ command from powershell session opened from elevated administrator command prompt.

Powershell Update help Fix error

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  • bert

    This issue it is not due necessary for the elevation

  • James

    I agree with the other comment. Running as Administrator did not fix this in my case either. In the error I see, a 404 code is given stating “The specified blob does not exist”.

    • jason elijah jenkins

      The above fix doesnt resolve the issue, even with admin privileges

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