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How to check if Windows 32 or 64 bit?

There are multiple ways to check whether a Windows computer is running 32-bit OS or of 64-bit one.

Check 32 or 64 bit using WMIC

You can get to know the OS architecture by running the below simple command.

wmic os get OSArchitecture


c:\>wmic os get OSArchitecture

Using program files folder:

If you have a separate program files folder for x86 applications(named Program Files(x86) ) then we can infer that you are running X64 Windows on your computer.

Few things to note:

  • You can run X64 based Windows OS only on 64-bit computer. If your computer is of 32-bit then the software(Windows OS or any other applications) running on your computer must be of 32-bit only.
  • If your computer is of 64-bit, then it does NOT mean that you have 64-bit OS. You can run either 32-bit OS or 64-bit OS on a 64-bit computer.
  • Even if you are running 64-bit OS, you can still install 32-bit applications on your computer.  All the 32-bit applications are installed to a separate folder named “C:\Programs Files(x86)“.
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  • Chaitanya

    What is the equivalent of msinfo32 for 64-bit Windows ?

    • admin

      There’s no separate msinfo32 for 64bit windows. The same command works in both 32 bit and 64 bit windows.

  • boinjj



    • aaron

      That’s not actually a better way. The %PROCESSOR_ARCHITECTURE% environment variable is based upon whether or not you are running a 32 or 64 bit process. For instance if you start the command prompt from the system32 directory on a 64-bit OS the variable will return “AMD64”. However if you start the command prompt from the SysWOW64 directory that variable will return “x86.” Both of these command prompts return “64-bit” when you query WMI. So the WMIC result is actually a more accurate tool for detecting a 64-bit OS.

    • ASB

      It is easier, but it’s not necessarily better.
      Querying the registry or WMI is a *little* slower, but more definitive.


  • Gustaaf

    ECHO This is a 64-bit Architecture running in 32-bit mode.
    ) ELSE (
    ECHO This is a 32-bit Architecture running in 32-bit mode.
    ) ELSE (
    ECHO This is a 64-bit Architecture running in 64-bit mode.

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