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Find saved outlook emails

It’s a common practice to export Outlook emails as files on disk, this helps save your important emails from accidental deletion or purging out/archiving due to IT enforced policies. It may so happen that now you don’t remember which folder you saved the emails to.  This post helps you find them.

Here is how you can find all saved email files on your computer.

  1. Open command prompt
  2. Go to the top level parent folder that could have all your files under it. In my case, I save everything under ‘Documents’ folder, so I run the below command
    cd C:\Users\mylogin\Documents
  3. Now run the below dir command
     dir /s /b *.msg
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  • Ann Hughes

    What and where is command prompt on the computer? This is brand new to me. I lost an important email because of a missing letter in email address.

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