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Net use command

Net use command is used to map drives to network shares thereby providing access to remote files just like the way we access files on local computer. The net use command is also used to list all network drives, delete them and get useful details about the drives mapped. Below you can find the syntax of this command with some examples.

Map network share to a drive

Let’s say you have a network share \\RemotePC\Share which you want to map to a drive.  You can do that with the below command.

Net use * \\RemotePC\Share

The above command would try to map the share to the first available drive starting from Z: We can also specify the drive name in the place of  ‘*’. If you try to map to a network drive that’s not available you would get the below error.

c:\>net use Z: \\remptepc\share
System error 85 has occurred.
The local device name is already in use.

See Map network drive from command line for advanced options for net use and for specifying user name and passwords in the command line.

Delete/Disconnect a mapped drive

You can disconnect a mapped drive using ‘net use /delete’ command. For example, to disconnect the drive Z: the command is

net use Z: /delete

Delete all mapped network drives

You can delete all mapped drives using the below command.

net use * /delete

List all mapped drives

Runt the command net use to list all the network shares mapped on the computer.

c:\>net use
New connections will be remembered.
Status       Local     Remote                    Network
             Z:        \\remotepc\share
                                                Microsoft Windows Network
The command completed successfully.
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    My dot matrix printer connecting computer with usb cable. No printer port available in the computer. And I have 5 more computers through network. I wish to execute DOS PRINT from all these computers. I expect your valuable reply earliest.

  • Wellington Torrejais da Silva


  • David

    I’m trying to map a drive with an & in the name but it’s not buying it. Any way round this?

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