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How to map network drive from command line

We can map a network drive from windows command line using the command net use. Syntax is given below.

net use z: \\remotepc\sharename

The above command maps the drive letter Z: to the network share \\remotepc\sharename. If the logged in user has authorized access to this network share, the above command completes successfully without asking the user to provide username/password. Otherwise it will prompt to supply the credentials of an account authorized to access the share. Upon providing the required credentials, the share gets mapped to the drive Z:

We can also use * instead of Z:. This will automatically pick up the unused drive letter starting from Z:

You can alsp specify username and password in net use command. See examples below.

net use * \\remotepc\share /u:domainname\username password

If you don’t want to type the password in plain text in the windows command line you can specify just the user name. Net use will prompt you for the password.

net use * \\remotepc\share /u:domainname\username

You can use Net use command to map webdav shares also.

Once the network share is mapped, you can start using it like a local drive. You can open the network share in explorer with the drive letter. Open explorer and specify drive letter in the address bar(Z:)

You can also do ‘start Z:’ from command prompt. This would open the network drive in explorer.

Map system drive (C:)  of remote computer

If you have administrator access to the remote computer then you can map the system drive or any other drive of the remote computer with the below command.

net use \\remotepc\C$ /u:username password
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  • mina

    i have a problem with this command.when i use this command it does not show me the mapped drive in my computer window.what should i do to monitor the mapped drive?
    thank you

    • Kostas doulas

      Unfortunately you have to edit the registry with a new value key ..enable local connections…google that and you shall get the answer, not so difficult

  • Krishnakumar Balasubramanian

    How to add the folder which has spaces in the share path say \\Kites\Way Back Schedule\ where there is no access for the share to be altered or modified.

  • Jose Alberto

    Is there any way to know which drive letter was assigned after using * ? I´m creating a BAT file and at the end I would like to execute START S: , but not sure which letter was assign.

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