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How to fix ‘System error 5 has occurred.’

Windows restricts privileged commands to be executed only from elevated administrator command prompt. Even if you are an administrator on the PC, you may run into the error ‘System error 5 has occurred. Access is denied’.

C:\>net user techblogger /add
System error 5 has occurred.
Access is denied.

To fix the issue, open elevated command prompt and run the same command.

How to open elevated administrator command prompt

Now the command would run fine.

C:\Windows\system32>net user techblogger /add
The command completed successfully.

There could be other cases where one runs into this error. If you have got this error, let us know what was the instance and how you could fix it.

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  • Phil Alley

    But how can you do this with a batch file?

  • henok

    i dont remember the admin password and i tried to access it from the guest account ………..net user administrator …..and it says system error 5 occured what should i do

  • Amanda Lee

    On win 7 (and others), this needs to be run under a elevated privs command prompt. You could right click and Run as administrator or open a command prompt in this way (run as..)
    Sometimes, even if you run it as admin, Windows will still prompt you with the error. You might need to log-in as admin or edit your account to have administrative privilege.
    Solution 1. Log-in as Administrator

  • Fidel Banhan

    I can not run cmd as admin because the administrator account appears and requires me its password.

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