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Powershell: How to Start or stop service

Do you want to Start or stop Windows service using Powershell? This post explains how to manage any Windows service with the help of the PowerShell cmdlets ‘Start-Service’, ‘Stop-Service’ and ‘Restart-Service’

Stop Windows service using PowerShell

Run the following steps to stop a Windows service

  1. Open powershell with admin privileges. You can do this by running ‘powershell’ command from elevated administrator command prompt
  2. Run the command below to stop a service
    stop-service serviceCode
  3. Powershell command ‘get-service’ can be used to confirm if the service was stopped or not.

Stop service from PowerShell

Start service using PowerShell

  1. Run powershell with admin privilges
  2. Run the start-service command
    start-service serviceName

Start service from PowerShell

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