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Run command for ‘Turn on or off Windows features’

In Windows 7,  the features which are not installed by default, can be added from ‘Turn on or off Windows features‘ window.  For example, in Windows 7 Enterprise edition, Games are not installed by default.  Games can be added by selecting the corresponding check button in the Windows features.

Turn windows features on off

This window can be opened from Run by running the command optionalfeatures‘.  It also works from windows command prompt.

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  • Sunny

    Thanks, Saved my minutes!!

  • amin

    How can I copy one word to clipboard with a batch file?
    If will be hopefull, if you help me.
    best regards

  • Circle

    I knew that C:\Windows\Systems32\OptionalFeatures.exe is the “Windows Features” window.
    But I haven’t known that how can I check the box on cmd.
    I mean, I want to check “Game” in “Windows Features”.
    How can I do on cmd.
    I hope you will reply.

    Everything is roll.

    • Jaril V V

      You can check the desired selection box in windows features, while run the CMD with an administrator credential


  • Drago Perčić

    THANK YOU WERY MUCH!!! (I have purchased W10 on “country’s” Serbian language, and can not “pick-up” new terminology at all…)

  • Josh

    How can I call this “OptionalFeatures.exe” from inside a batch?

    All my attempts fail with something like “… is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file”.

    What would be a working syntax?

    • Adam S

      Hmm.. my best estimate would be you could call it using the following.
      ‘Call C:\Windows\System32\OptionalFeatures.exe’ ..

  • Adam S

    Thank you for this information. It turned out to be quite helpful when writing up documentation for others.

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