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Run command for Windows update

There are couple of Run commands for Windows update. The run commands are very handy to launch an application quickly without the need to find the same in list of programs or on filesystem. Windows has a run command for almost every application or configuration tool.

The run commands for Windows update are wuapp (or) control update. So to launch Windows update from Run, you need to perform the below steps.

  1. Open Run with [Win]+[R] shortcut or from Start menu.
  2. Type in either of ‘wuapp’ or ‘control update’ and press ‘Enter’
    Launching windows update from Run

This launches windows update configuration window. Here you can click ‘Settings’ and then configure how you want to install updates on to your computer.

If you just want to trigger updates click on ‘Check for updates’. Note that there’s no run command that can trigger update directly

Windows update configuration window


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  • The Law

    For Windows 10 the run command is:

  • Windows Guy

    I prefer run commands over other ways as it seems faster to me. Here are some run commands which I use daily for opening various windows applications .
    On screen Keyboard – osk
    Calculator – calc
    WordPad – write
    Windows Media Player – wmplayer
    Windows Fax and Scan – wfs
    Snipping Tools – snippingtool
    Paint – mspaint
    Notepad – notepad
    Task manager – taskmgrt/
    Sticky Notes – stikyno

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