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Open MSconfig from command prompt

Msconfig is a system configuration utility in Windows OS. Using this utility we can configure system boot options,  services and startup programs.

If you want to launch msconfig from windows command line you can run the below command.

Start msconfig

You can use ‘msconfig‘  from Run command but it does not work from command prompt.

MSconfig location:

In Windows XP and Server 2003, Msconfig.exe can be found in the folder C:\WINDOWS\pchealth\helpctr\binaries\.

Windows cant’ find Msconfig?

If you just run’msconfig’ command, Windows won’t be able to find the executable. Environment variable PATH(which points to all the directories windows should look for to launch a command) does not have the location of msconfig.exe. So when we run just msconfig from command prompt, we get the below error message.

'msconfig' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file.
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  • David

    Not sure I get the point of this article? Is it or is it not possible to launch msconfig from command prompt? Article incomplete

    • admin

      It says that start msconfig works but config does not work.

  • Ivan Rocha

    I’m trying to start msconfig from a recovery screen before windows loads, to see if i can revert some changes i made that aren’t allowing windows to boot up, but command prompt doesn’t recognize it. Any help on how i can access msconfig when windows isn’t booting, or how can i reset msconfig?

  • Manoharan Thangavelu

    I am using HCL desktop with windows 10 operating system. Found it takes long to boot tried to go to safe mode to troubleshoot but instead clicked on debugging mose. At present windows lock screen opens but no promt to sign in option. Tried to restart pressing shift key along. Tried pressing control + alter + del keys and clicked the power button, then used shift + restart. But found no change in windows lock screen that is no prompt for log in. Find the power button,ease to access, connect to net and the language button alone on left bottom corner and no option for logging in. Can’t find anyway to make it work. Can someone help me with a solution?

  • Philip

    All Windows base system almost the same approach,’depend on the pointing used, but run can uptake from the windows icon a curtain drops type, ‘msconfig, and hit the button,careful, here it will move away from the main booting need to correctly set after fiddling before a restarting, a must.

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