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Open Appdata folder from Run window

In Windows 7/Vista a  user can open his/her application data folder by running the command ‘appdata’ from Run window.

This command opens up the container folder where the local appdata folder and roaming appdata folder are stored. To open local appdata folder you need to run %localappdata% from Run window. To open roaming appdata folder we can use %appdata% command.

In Windows XP, you need to run the command %appdata% in run window to open appdata folder. There are no separate folders for local and romaing data in XP.

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  • Anonymous

    This doesn't work (XP Home) – it should be:


  • Techblogger

    Thanks for the comment. The post is updated with the right commands for XP and Windows 7.

    • Luna

      uhm so this wasnt helpful because i cant open the tab that allows me to type appdata

  • Rebecca

    I can’t open a folder in my iPad

    • Srini

      This post is for Windows OS, not for ipad/mac.

  • ertz

    in win 10 you can copy command %appdata% in any open folder Address Bar, and make folder navigation a lot quicker

  • Miwuki

    ok well idk even how to get to %appdata% or where ever im supposed to be looking thats why i came here to me this gives no information what so ever

  • Helpful Man

    windows key + r to open runbox

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