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How to Install PowerShell Help Files

Learn how to install PowerShell help documents on your local computer and avoid looking up online.

  1. Open administrator command prompt
  2. Run powershell from cmd.
  3. Next you would see PowerShell prompt. Run the command(cmdlet) update-help. That’s all you have to do. The command would do automated installation of all help files.

Installing power shell help

After the installation completes,you can start using get-help on any topic. For example , I wanted to find PowerShell commands for rebooting computer. First I looked up for help on reboot, and it showed two cmdlets that are related to this. Next I selected restart-computer and used get-help again to get syntax and other details for the command I needed.

Powershell help for reboot command

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  • JR

    Just gives me “The term ‘update-help’ is not recognized…” in Windows 8.1

    • Srini

      You need to run it from powershell prompt, not from the normal cmd. Open Run/cmd and run ‘powershell’ first and then run ‘update-help’

  • religion_locked

    This doesn’t work for me. Even when I use…

    update-help -force

    …it still fails. Any advice?

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