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How to get remote computer information

If you want to find the hardware and software information of a remote system, you can use one of the Server 2003 resource kit tools for this purpose. This tools is Srvinfo.exe and can be found in the directory “C:\Program Files\Windows Resource Kits\Tools“. However, this directory is added to the PATH environment variable when you install the resource kit, so you do not need to specify the full path, You can just run Srvinfo command from any directory.

Below is the syntax to remotely find the information about a computer.

Srvinfo \\remote_compute_rname

When you just run Srvinfo without specifying any remote computer, it would show the information of the host computer.

When I run the command ‘Srvinfo \\techblogger-xp-pc‘ I get the following output for a XP PC.

Server Name: techblogger-xp-pc
Security: Users
Registered Owner: techblogger
Registered Organization:
ProductID: 73427-680-2341801-23123
Original Install Date: Tue Aug 17 06:52:44 2010
Base Source Path: C:\i386
Service Pack Source Path: c:\
Version: 5.1
Build: 2600.xpsp_sp2_qfe.080814-1242, Service Pack 2
Current Type: Multiprocessor Free
Product Name: Microsoft Windows XP
Physical Address Extensions: enabled
Product Options: Professional
HAL.DLL is  5.1.2600.3023 – Microsoft Corporation – 5.1:2600.207
PDC: Error 1355
CPU[0]: x86 Family 6 Model 37 Stepping 2: 2393 MHz
CPU[1]: x86 Family 6 Model 37 Stepping 2: 2393 MHz
CPU[2]: x86 Family 6 Model 37 Stepping 2: 2393 MHz
CPU[3]: x86 Family 6 Model 37 Stepping 2: 2393 MHz
System BIOS Date: 04/19/10
System BIOS Version: LENOVO – 1180, Ver 1.00PARTTBLx

It also shows the below details.

  • Hotfixes installed on the remote computer.
  • Software installed
  • List of all the services installed on the computer. Also the status of each service whether it’s stopped or running.
  • Network cards installed on the remote computer
  • Network protocols supported on the remote computer.
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