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Download Robocopy

Robocopy is a command line utility for copying files. This command is available in Vista and Windows 7 by default. For Windows XP and Server 2003 this tool can be downloaded as part of Server 2003 Windows Resource Kit tools. This package is available in the below location.

The below links are no longer working. You can download robocopy as part of the resource kit from this site Download resource kit

Link 1:

Link 2:

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  • Altamish Mahomed
    • But this link is for windows server 2003 and oldest one.

    • Dlight

      now a days it is bundled with desktop and server os like windows 10, windows server 2008 and so on…

  • Anton Liebscher

    The Link worked for me and I am currently (May 2020) using this successfully on Windows 2012 R2

  • Anon

    [September 2020] Download is not longer available from Microsoft

  • Ray Lee

    (Jan2021) None of these links work – cannot find robocopy on the internet atm

    • Ray Lee

      Doh! It’s already in windows 10!

  • Tony

    Thanks for Free Tool

  • David

    Links to Microsoft use to drop working two months later. It’s (another) problem made in Microsoft.

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