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Create a user group command line (CMD)

We can create a user group on the local computer from Windows command line using ‘net localgroup‘ command.

net localgroup group-name /add

To add a new group ‘Group1

C:\>net localgroup Group1 /add
The command completed successfully.

To delete a user group:

net localgroup group-name /delete

For example to delete the user group Group1 created in the above example, we can run the below command.

net localgroup Group1 /delete

Net localgroup command can be used on the local computers whereas net group command can be used on domain controller machines.

Rename a local user group:

net localgroup command does not have any option to rename a group. We can use wmic command to rename a group. Below is the command for this.

wmic group where "name='groupname' " call rename newgroupname

Ex: Rename the group ‘group1’ as ‘group2’

wmic group where "name='group1' " call rename group2

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4 comments… add one
  • siva

    Hey Guys ,
    This really worked but did not work when there is a space inside group , For example If i create a group as testgroup it works , And if i try to create test group it doesnt works , It takes test as a group and group as something else .

    Can you provide a script or command which works with space inside group

  • billy

    siva, try wrapping the group name in quotes: net localgroup “group-name” /add

  • admin

    I just verified that Billy’s suggestion works.

    C:\>net localgroup "group name with spaces" /add
    The command completed successfully.
    C:\>net localgroup
    Aliases for \\MYPC
    *Backup Operators
    *group name with spaces
    The command completed successfully.
  • Alex Kaufman

    What about localgroup setup? For example I need to put for user’s belong in a localgroup – read only permissions. But all user can change selfs objects, files and directories.

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