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How to Check if Silverlight is installed

There are couple of ways to check if Microsoft Silverlight is installed on your Windows computer. This post explains both the methods with examples.

Programs and Features console

This console shows all installed software on your system and also features available on your Windows installation that you can enable as add-on. You can look for Microsoft Silverlight among the listed items, sort the list by name column so that you can quickly look it up. On my windows box, it shows up as below.

Check if Microsoft Silverlight installed on your computer

WMIC command

If you want to check the installation from CMD, the below command can be used.

wmic product get caption | findstr /C:"Microsoft Silverlight"

What this command does is, it gets the list of software installed on the system and then searches for silverlight among the list.

Example when Silverlight was installed on the computer

C:\>wmic product get caption | findstr /C:"Microsoft Silverlight"
Microsoft Silverlight

Example when Silverlight was not installed
It prints blank line when it does not find the specified software in the list.

C:\>wmic product get caption | findstr /C:"Microsoft Silverlight"


Get Silverlight version

We can use ‘get version’ with WMIC command to find the version of silverlight installed on the computer.

C:\>wmic product where caption='Microsoft Silverlight' get version

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