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attrib not resetting system file

When we use attrib command to change read-only or hidden attributes of a system file, we get the error “Not resetting system file“.


E:\>attrib test.txt
A  S         E:\test.txt
E:\>attrib +R test.txt
Not resetting system file - E:\test.txt
E:\>attrib +H test.txt
Not resetting system file - E:\test.txt

We can fix this problem by adding extra ‘+S ‘ to the attrib command.

E:\>attrib +R test.txt
Not resetting system file - E:\test.txt
E:\>attrib +R +S test.txt
E:\>attrib test.txt
A  S R       E:\test.txt
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  • Anonymous

    E:\>attrib -s

  • Techblogger

    Reply to the above comment:
    What if we don't want to remove system attribute?
    Instead of removing system attribute and setting it again, we can just use +R +S.

  • Anonymous

    thats good.
    just attrib -s -h /s /d
    all hidden files can now be seen and no option is greyed out.

    • KK

      Thanks . Its working for me.

  • kamesh

    attrib -s -h /s /d is working perfectly

  • roge

    thannx bro I recovered all files in my usb…tnx a lot

  • dalves

    but how with the extension file (.exe) are the viruses. how to remove them. for a thousand times i used cmd to removed them with attrib -s -h -r /s /d, firstly all the hidden files showed by cmd (dir) and i tried to deleted files named SaveDrv130.exe and AutoRun.inf. but still the system said “Not resetting system file …..”. i dont know how to remove them anymore, its very very complicated problem for me…!!!
    Please the right solution.. its pleasure if u can help me Bro’ / Sis’…. i wait for the helps…

  • Andrew

    Great tip. Thanks!

  • Mojtaba

    Thanks A Lot
    It’s working

  • Muhammad Noman

    Thanks. It worked.

  • anon

    Nope. “Access Denied”
    That occurs for “System Volume Information” and some other directories.

  • kirit

    attrib -s -h /s /d is working perfectly

  • Joe G Rodriguez III

    Your information is Great. I just don’t know how to fix this can you help?
    First, I tried to create an System Image of my Windows 10 Desktop. I have tell you I’m Old School and have 4 Drive C: Windows (System), D: Programs, E: Data, F: Games.
    When I tried to use Windows 10 , Backup and Restore (Windows 7). Create a system image. When I get to the Which drives do you want to include in the backup. I get my C: but I also get D: and F: as system Drives and they have a lot of data. so they won’t fit on a 250gb SSD. The Blocks on screen are grayed out so you can’t change them.
    Can you help me???

  • Nilakantan V

    I had problems as well. What I had to do was to first do
    attrib +s+a /d
    then attrib -h /d
    Finally attrib -s/d
    That was the only way it worked

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