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Add Domain group to Local Administrators

Do you want to add a domain group to local administrators group? Net localgroup command is used to add users/groups into a local group.

Execute the below steps to add a domain group to local admins group.

  1. Open elevated command prompt
  2. Run the command
    net localgroup administrators domainName\domainGroupName /ADD


C:>net localgroup administrators corpdomain\IT-Admins /ADD
The command completed successfully.

In enterprise network, IT administrators would like to have admin privileges on all the Windows computers connected to the network. This can be accomplished by having an active directory group with all admins domain accounts added to it and then add this group to the local admin group on each of the host. This avoids adding each of the users separately to the local admin group.

C:\>net localgroup administrators
Alias name     administrators
Comment        Administrators have complete and unrestricted access to the computer/domain

corpdomain\Domain Admins
The command completed successfully.

Do you need to have admin privileges on the domain controller to run the above command?

No, you only need to have admin privileges on the local computer. This only grants access on the local computer resources, so no domain privileges required.

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